Which is Really the Best Way to Consume Your Weed?

Although many people are only aware of a couple of methods, there are actually multiple ways of consuming weed. Every individual has a preferred method, either depending on what they’re using it for and what they want to get out of it. Once you determine your objective, you’ll be able to figure out which way is right for you.


With this approach, you don’t have to burn your weed and feel the harmful effects of combustion. You’ll get a much cleaner and safer hit and don’t have to mess around with lighters and materials.


  • Quick and easy to use.
  • You aren’t inhaling harmful carcinogens associated with smoking.
  • You can make it last longer by altering the temperature.
  • There are thousands of different brands of cannabis vape pens for either beginners of experts, that have a range of different features. So you can get a more tailored experience.


  • Initial cost of the vape pen can be quite high.
  • You will need to clean and take care of the device.


Another alternative way to consume weed, and one of the most popular, is by putting it into food. This is a great method for medical marijuana patients, as well as recreational users who want a more enjoyable experience.


  • You can make them yourself.
  • Intense high.
  • The high lasts a lot longer than smoking.
  • More discrete to carry around/consume in public.


  • Can take a while to kick in.
  • You need to be careful with your dosing.
  • You need to be cautious of children/none weed consumers who could accidently eat them.
  • If you consume too much, you can experience intense paranoia.


This method is one of the less familiar ways of consuming weed, and is more popular amongst older generations. Tinctures are an alcohol based liquid with infused cannabis extracts. You apply it underneath your tongue meaning it enters your bloodstream almost instantly.


  • Portable.
  • Healthier than smoking (and edibles as there are no calories).
  • Gives you an immediate hit.
  • Easy to measure dosage.
  • Can be purchased in a variety of flavors.


  • Complicated and time consuming to make.
  • Not discrete when doing it in public.


Topicals are predominantly used for pain relief, as they don’t get you high. They come in the form of creams or balms that’s applied directly onto the skin to reduce pain. This is extremely popular amongst medical patients and even athletes who need quick pain relief without feeling any other effects of the drug.


Smoking weed is probably the most known methods and is often what people will go to first. Once you purchase your dry herb, you roll it into a joint and simply light the end. It’s another fast method of consuming cannabis as the cannabinoids hit your lungs and pass straight into your bloodstream.


  • You can pack the joint with as many herbs as you want.
  • You can enhance the hit you get from smoking.
  • Can be passed off as smoking (if you rule out the smell).


  • Inhalation of tar and carbon can cause cancer
  • The odor of the smoke draws attention which limits you to use it in private places only.
  • Can’t reuse joints (like you can with a vaporizer).
  • Can be costly as you have to stock up in paper.

There are actually many other ways to consume weed, but these are just a few of the easiest and most common ways. As mentioned in the beginning, which way you opt for is completely down to personal preference. If you are only consuming weed for medicinal purposes, then tinctures, topicals or edibles would probably be best. It may be wise to consult with your doctor and get advice on which method suits your condition. There’s also no harm in giving each method a try and seeing which is most suitable to your lifestyle.

Ensure you’re aware of your area’s laws on using cannabis and always be cautious of those around you, especially when smoking or vaping.

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