Ferris Wheel


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70pcs pre built coil in one convenient ferris wheel inspired container.

√ 24AGW (0.5mm),0.5Ω * 10pcs

√ 26AGW (0.4mm),1.2Ω * 10pcs

√ 26AGW (0.4mm),1.0Ω * 10pcs

√ 30AGW*4 quad-twiested,0.5Ω * 10pcs

√ 28AGW*2 double twiested,0.5Ω *10pcs

√ 26AGW*2 double twiested,0.5Ω *10pcs

√ 26 AGW+32 AGW clapton coil ,0.6Ω *10pcs

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Weight 60 g

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