Renowned epidemiologist debunks FDA claims of teen vaping ‘epidemic’

During last week’s congressional hearings surrounding a perceived rise in teen vaping rates, Juul CEO Kevin Burns came under consistent attack by federal lawmakers regarding the company’s alleged role. As the hearings conducted by the House Subcommittee on Economic and Consumer Policy got underway, it quickly became painfully obvious that the event was not designed to be a true fact-finding mission.  Rather, many committee members would simply use his or her 5-minutes of questioning to rant, rave, and spread grossly misinformed and utterly biased opinions regardless of scientific evidence.

At several points during the congressional back-and-forth, the topic of vaping science was highlighted ever so slightly.  A common fallback position of anti-vaping activists is that more research is needed before academia, and consequently lawmakers supposedly, can claim definitively whether vapor products are safe for human consumption.

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