How Many People Vape Around The World?

Ever since the introduction of e-cigarettes, vaping usage has exploded around the world. For those who vape, the practice can seem lonely at times. Those who don’t actually know just how many people vape may easily assume that no one shares their passion. For a smoker, socialization is easy – there’s always another smoker around to share a cigarette with. Vape users don’t have this advantage though, and it’s not uncommon for them to not have a single friend or associate that vapes. Fortunately, vaping is now more popular than ever, and those that vape automatically belong to a super special and global club that includes millions of other members.

Just how many members belong to this club? How many people vape around the world today? This is exactly what we wanted to find out. Since the vaping market is relatively new, user research is still relatively thin and underdeveloped. After researching a ton of awesome sources and the most recent vape statistics (and using a bit of simple math), we attempted to estimate this number. In the following article, we will share our findings and present our rationale for unofficially estimating “How Many People Vape Around the World?”

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